Higashigama Studio by Ohigashi Alyne, Tobe, Japan

Ohigashi Alyne is a celebrated and very successful Artist, founder of the Higashigama Studio in Tobe, Japan. She’s been cooperating with Polish Artists for a number of years, for example with Polish-Japanese Matsushita sisters (founders of the Toranoko - the Performing Arts Company).

Alyne has studied pottery in Ehime, Japan in the town of Tobe, which is famous for ceramic craftsmanship. She is an active member of contemporary arts group in Shikoku. She has Received many awards in Japan and took part in group and solo exhibitions. She is a founder of her own ceramic painting and colouring technique which she is successfully applying to her artworks. She often collaborates with artists from all over the word.



More than 230 years ago, during Japan's Tokugawa Period, a unique style of ceramic art evolved in the town of Tobe in today's Prefecture of Ehime, on the island of Shikoku. The mountains near Tobe in Ehime prefecture are blessed with good quality pottery clay and abundant pine trees that are ideal for firing kilns.

Made entirely from locally sourced materials, these works of art are notable for their characteristic indigo blue designs upon a pure white background. Unlike many other ceramic styles readily recognizable as of Japanese origin (officially recognized as Traditional Crafts of Japan in 1976), Tobe pottery is relatively robust and practical. Its traditional designs are trully beautiful and readily identifiable. 



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