KLIP Lifestyle presents a unique collection of 'Invisible Cities' Assemble on Canvas, 2019 by Studio ZIBEN/Berlin


Assemblage is an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out of or from the substrate. It is similar to collage, a two-dimensional medium.


'Invisible Cities 3' is made of recycled materials from the artist's private collection, collected by Małecki for many years. They combine paper, wood and other materials. The way Małecki built the images composition is similar to how he creates the furniture. 100% handmade. 


Freedom, free thinking and spontaneity are key parts of Małecki creative process. Studio Ziben designs are unexpected and full of humor - a reflection of the new Berlin and its youthful irreverence to tradition and convention and a reference to the Bauhaus movement, which was established exactly 100 years ago in Germany.


Size: 30 x 30 cm

'Invisible Cities 3' Assemble on Canvas, 2019 by Studio ZIBEN, Berlin

  • Studio Ziben is a collection of different ideas which arise spontaneously and intuitively through associations.

    Małecki designs fascinating objects that always have a story to tell. Free thinking and spontaneity are combined with functionality, aesthetics, and timelessness. Simple and contemporary design characterizes every handcrafted piece of furniture which is made of the highest quality materials from Poland. 

    He often cooperates with different architecture studios and private customers, developing the concept of offices and apartments design. To mention just a few: 

    2016 - Circus Hotel - foyer furnishings,

    2014 - Cooperation with Gensler Architects/London for Google Office in Munich furniture design.

    The furniture of Studio Ziben, mostly unique pieces are also a part of the private furniture collection/private apartments in New York, Berlin, Poland and others.

    Thanks to fast increasing popularity of his designs, Małecki is regularly invited to prestigious international furniture design exhibitions all over the world, such as Dutch Design Week, ICFF in Manhattan, New York and TV furniture shows as a design expert - (5 episodes, ZDF). 


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