Steel Mirrors made in FiDU technology are as unique as the reflections in them. The new modular collection of mirrors gives another dimension of space and creates a unique story on your wall.


Mirrors from TAFLA C series look a little sharper and have more distinct outlines. Simple contour lines allow for easy adjustment of multiple mirrors and arrangement of a unique composition on the wall. 


The free deformation with the inside pressure of the mirrors gives everyone a special and unique form, revealing the true face of the metal – endless possibilites for development and usage. Therefore we go beyond today’s understanding of form and construction.

TAFLA C Mirrors

Product Design
  • Dimensions:

    Tafla C1 - Height: 225cm Width: 99cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla C2 - Height: 149cm Width: 94cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla C3 - Height: 124cm Width: 67cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla C4 - Height: 100cm Width: 50cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla C5 - Height: 55cm Width: 40cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla C6 - Height: 55cm Width: 50cm Depth: 6cm






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