The brand VZOR debuted in June 2012, introducing into the market the iconic  Roman Modzelewski armchair (RM58). It aims at creating
a collection based on the timeless icons of Polish mid-century furniture which in the future shall include designs of prominent contemporary creators. The brand concept represents a coherent model of industrialization of the Polish valuable and timeless historic designs that have
not been marketed due to political and socio-economic reasons.

RM58 Classic Chair designed by Roman Modzelewski, was (and continues to be) considered revolutionary for its pioneering application of fiberglass. This material plus the industrial technologies used to produce the RM58 made it possible to move beyond that era's constraints of
craft manufacturing—and to offer a chair of consistently high quality. The RM58 drew the attention of Le Corbusier, who wanted to produce the chair
in France, resulting in its patent in 1961. However, the chair was never commercially produced until now, available exclusively from KLIP Lifestyle
Store in the original material.


The original piece is in the permanent collection of Victoria & Albert Museum in London as well as MoMA in New York.

sample RM58 chair is available to view at KPHK

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