TEXTILES selected


NO WÓDKA is a concept store and gallery in Berlin promoting Polish art, fashion and design.

The selection of brands is very subjective. It bases on timeless patterns, functionalities, natural materials and original solutions, and not on passing trends. The NO WÓDKA project is a process, thus, new artists, brands and design studios are continuously invited for cooperation,
so that products presented all the time reflect the current creative scene of “made in Poland” products.

Since 2019 KLIP Lifestyle is presenting the selected products by NO WODKA.


The design of this bed linen set with hay print was created out of the longing for summer and nights spent under the stars. It is your private haystack.



The Alps in the summer, full of herbs and flowers, is a place where time travels in its own natural rhythm. A view more picturesque than these mountain ranges and more soothing than the smell of a blooming alpine meadow is hard to find. 



The stars that you will find on our bed linen are the constellations of the Northern Sky. There is Orion whit his cosmic belt, beautiful Cassiopeia, the North Star, just next to it...



Soft, green, delicate and pleasant… Those who love hiking trips into the woods know the feeling, when after a long walk, you just lay down on a soft, slightly damp forest mattress and relax like never before.