We use parametric design software to generate G-Table form. Modifying a few variables lets us create a miniature model as well as a huge pavilion. Delicate structure of table legs may become stocky and dominating. All those factors cause G-Table to be not only an effect of the process, but also a process itself. G-Table’s base consists of parabolic forms. Made with FiDU technology, it reminds of vines or tree roots. Nature symbolizes a constant changeability and harmony that comes out of it. Diverse structure of G-Table refers to both natural forms and processes.


  • Dimensions [cm]:
    H: 76cm/30″
    W: 120cm/47.2″
    D: 210cm/82.7″
    The Heat Collection
    Table top:
    H: 4 cm

    Lead time: 6 weeks
    Every product has its own certificate, number and symbol