LOOK AT ME is the collection of decorative plates for the wall, table or any other place in your home. You can use plates individually or combine them freely, creating your own sets. The same symbols and colors appear on each plate and allow you to create different stories.

PLATES are made of porcelain, they have a gilded edge. The diameter of the plate is 25 cm. A hanger is added to each of them, which allows you to put a plate on the wall. You can also serve food on them. Illustrations are fired in professional ceramic ovens at 850 degrees, which makes them permanent. Thanks to the manual method of applying illustrations and plates that do not come from mass production, each dish is unique.


PATTERNS were designed by illustrator and designer Magda Pilaczyńska, who previously designed the illustrations on ceramics for the brand Kristoff Porcelain. Plates are vintage unique pieces found on various fela markets. Designs are hand applied by the author. They are fired in professional ovens. They are persistent and also suitable for serving food.


INSPIRATION were symbols – heart, eye, tear, lips, moon and fantastic characters – Pegasus, a mermaid, a hatter running of volcanoes, as well as the card elements. Anyone can arrange his or her own story based on freely juggling plates.


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Hand Illustrated Porcelain Plates, LOOK AT ME PLATES by Magda Pilaczynska

  • Porcelain plates with a diameter of 25 cm, with a golden edge. A hanger is added to each plate, which allows it to be placed on the wall. You can use plates for decoration or for serving food.