Illustration by Olga Mularczyk 'Bad cat'. 

UV print on fine art paper. Limited edition of 12. Signed by the author.



Olga Mularczyk is a young student from the Department of Graphic Design & Visual Communication at the University of Art in Poznan, Poland. Despite her age, her works and illustration technique are refined and mature. Although trends in art changes along with flow of time, she continues ot tell timeless stories with her brushstrokes. 


Listen to the journey of her stories:


Description from the author:

'Due to the fact I have been raised on an old -fashioned polish cartoons and animationshanded to me by my parents, I have begun touse such kind of style in my own works. I like tothink that this characterisation let me createsharp and accurate comments on everyday lifewith child alike humor and detachment. In mysimple drawings I try to represent anonimousscenes, which are familiar to everyone of usbecouse of their neutrality. By that I mean notonly to make a "transmission" through anobserver's eyes but also to spice up monotoniousscenes from our daily life. Trying to achieve that,I often use humor and exaggeration.e illustrations are created as a freehanddrawing, then scanned and digitally reprintedas a nal picture.While thinking about description of my graphicsI also come up with adjectives like: absurd,ridiculous, weird, hideous, satiric.'

Illustration by Olga Mularczyk'Bad cat'Limited edition of12.Signed by the author

  • UV print on fine art paper. Limited edition of 12. Signed by the author.

    40cm x 14,32cm

  • 13x13cm