Steel Mirrors made in FiDU technology are as unique as the reflections in them. The new modular collection of mirrors gives another dimension of space and creates a unique story on your wall.


TAFLA O series is characterized by smooth, optically light shapes inspired by liquid droplets and thanks to its unique form, combines the world of design, art and technology.


The free deformation with the inside pressure of the mirrors gives everyone a special and unique form, revealing the true face of the metal – endless possibilites for development and usage. Therefore we go beyond today’s understanding of form and construction.

TAFLA O Mirrors

Product Design
  • Dimensions:

    Tafla O1 - Height: 55cm Width: 50cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla O2 - Height: 150cm Width: 97cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla O3 - Height: 124cm Width: 79cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla O4 - Height: 123cm Width: 64cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla O5 - Height: 60cm Width: 40cm Depth: 6cm

    Tafla O6 - Height: 55cm Width: 50cm Depth: 6cm